Information Systems and Power

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Following the reading of Information Systems by David Bourgeois, I have learned that information systems are truly all around us and help inform us to make everyday decisions.

An information system that has worked in my favor involves search engines like Google, as I am usually able to find the answers to the questions that I have. For example, when I google “When is Thanksgiving this year?”, the system processes my inquiry and then distributes that information back to me, leading me to make plans based on the information.

An information system that has worked against me involves security cameras because I am not comfortable being watched and monitored by security cameras around my house. Security cameras constantly collect and store videos and data, and this works against my favor because if I did something embarrassing or weird around the house, I don’t want that information to be recorded and stored.

An information system that might work against others in our class from different backgrounds may involve Facebook messenger. International students from China who are staying back at home to take classes may not have access to Facebook messenger for project and group discussions, so this works against their favor as they don’t have access to the information on the platform.




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