Information as Thing

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According to Buckland, the three principal uses of the term ‘information’ are “information-as-process,” “information-as-knowledge” and “information-as-thing.”

1. Information-as-process

“Information-as-process” is an act of informing and involves the act of telling someone or being told of something. People are often informed of something through conversations and dialogues. For example, I often learn new things in politics when I talk with my brother. From this, I was informed by someone else and gained information.

2. Information-as-knowledge

“Information-as-knowledge” involves information that is intangible and not measurable. This concept also comes up in conversations (information-as-process). Therefore, information must be communicated or expressed physically by signal, text, or communication. For example, my knowledge of politics mostly stemmed from my AP Government teacher who informed us of current events and issues by discussing about them with us. This information then becomes knowledge that I can use and talk about with other people.

3. Information-as-thing

“Information-as-thing” involves physically touching information such as objects, documents, text, etc. I come across this kind of information often in my life with so many physical objects around me. For example, I often read or see information such as news on my phone and social media.




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Thursday, July 29, 2021

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